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7UP Cherry - 355ml

7UP Cherry offers an irresistible blend of cherry and lemon-lime, allowing for a tart and fruity refreshment. Enriched with real fruit juice, it is made with no added preservatives, for...

A&W Cream Soda - 355ml


Abba Zabba - 51g

Abba Zabba is packed with flavor, boasting of scrumptious, chewy taffy. With its great taste and all-natural ingredients, Abba Zabba is an ideal treat for any Dank snack lover.

Aero Dark & Milk - 42g

Aero Dark & Milk is a 42g chocolate bar featuring a perfect balance of dark and milk cocoa. This sweet treat smoothly blends the dankest cocoa beans, creating a creamy...

Aero Gold - 42g

Aero Gold is a 42g bar of caramelized white chocolate. Its unique slow-baked process ensures an unforgettable, rich, and buttery Legendary flavor.

Aero Peppermint Chocolate - 41g

Melt in your mouth bubbly bites of mint chocolate refresh and satisfy your senses with every piece of Aero’s exclusive Peppermint Chocolate bar.

Aero Truffle Chocolate Mousse - 105g

Aero Truffle Chocolate Mousse is a decadent indulgence, made with a delicious blend of quality cocoa and rich heavy cream. Enjoy the Legebdary truffle flavor and smooth creamy texture of this...

Aero Truffle Nanaimo Bar - 105g

Rich truffle chocolate meets creamy coconut and a crunchy chocolate cookie base for an out-of-this-world Nanaimo experience. So Dank, your tastebuds won't believe their luck! 

Aero Truffle Tiramisu - 105g

Aero Truffle Tiramisu is an indulgent combination of layers of chocolate truffle surrounding a creamy center, all enrobed in a layer of rich milk chocolate. A Legendary treat for any...

Aero White - 52g

Bubbly white chocolate that mouthwateringly melts with every bite, treat yourself to the dank exclusive flavour of White Aero.

Airheads Filled Ropes Original Fruit - 141g

Endless sweet ropes of fruit-flavored candy! Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with Airheads Filled Ropes, a mouthwatering sugar-fest for the taste buds. Treat yo' self with a Dank-filled snack!

Airheads Gum Blue Raspberry - 33.6g

Airheads Gum Blue Raspberry offers a burst of tangy and sweet flavor with 33.6g of long-lasting chewiness. Ideal for a delicious snack any time of day, its Legendary taste and...

Airheads Gum Watermelon - 33.6g

Airheads Gum Watermelon is a piece of long-lasting, fruity gum that delivers a burst of watermelon flavor with every chew. It's a fun and refreshing chewing experience that's perfect for...

Airheads Gummies Peg Bag - 6oz

Enjoy the sweet, flavorful, chewy bites of the classic gummy candy in a convenient take-home bag. Suitable for sharing or indulging alone, Airheads Gummies Peg Bag is the Dank treat...