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Chips Ahoy Red Velvet Soft Filled - 9.6oz

A Legendary drop for red velvet lovers. Enjoy these Chips Ahoy smooth red velvet cookies oozing with delicious soft cream cheese filling and flavoured chips.

Chips Ahoy S'mores - 272g

Treat yourself to the decadence of Chips Ahoy S’mores. Soft chewy cookies featuring a chocolate filling, marshmallow and chocolate chips. Dank Tip: Heat them up for 11 seconds and taste...

Cookie Dough Bites Peanut Butter - 3.1oz

Before these bites peanut butter lovers could only dream of such a dank duo blended with cookie dough. *Contains wheat, soy, milk ingredients and nuts

Cookie Dough Bites Red Velvet Cupcake - 3.1oz

This dank blend of cookie dough and red velvet cupcakes bites will have your taste buds dancing down a Legendary red carpet. *Contains wheat, soy and milk ingredients, may contain...

Oreo Apple Cider Donut - 12.2oz

Cozy up with the flavours of fall with OREO Limited Edition Apple Cider Donut! Here for a limited time only, cop em before they're gone!