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Arizona Combo Tray Salsa n Chips - 134g

Movie night at home? The Arizona Salsa n Chips are the perfect snack to grab for that occasion. The pack contains fresh crunchy and salty tortilla chips with the right...

Bugles Caramel - 3.5oz


Bugles Ranch - 3oz


Cheetos Flamin' Hot Limon - 8.5oz

Made real cheese, seasoned with dangerously dank heat and a zest of citrus treat yourself to Cheetos Flamin' Hot Limon crunchy corn puffs. *Contains milk ingredients

Cheetos Tangy Chili Fusion - 3.25oz

Treat yourself to a wild ride with Cheetos Tangy Chili Fusion! Get a mouthful of crunchy, chili-flavored adventure with every bite. These snacks are sure to add a kick to...

Cheetos XXtra Flamin' Hot - 240g

Engulf your taste buds in Xtra heat. Cheeto’s crunchy corn puffs test your legendary levels with this XXtra Flamin' Hot snack. *Contains milk ingredients
$12.99 $11.99

Cheez-It Duoz Bacon Cheddar - 4.3oz

This dank duos blend will have you cheesing from ear to ear just like the days you collect a fat cheque. Treat yourself to Cheez-It’s crisp crackers irresistibly seasoned in...

Cheez-It Duoz Cheddar Jack Swiss - 4.3oz

A duo sharper than your ex that won’t have you saying hit the road jack. Treat yourself to the dank blend of Cheez-its sharp cheddar and baby jack crisp flavourful...

Cheez-It Duoz Sharp Cheddar Parm - 4.3oz

For the love of chedda. Cheez-Its duos dankly combines sharp cheddar and parmesan in every crispy square cracker. *Kosher

Cheez-It Snap Jalapeno Jack - 2.2oz

Thin and crispy with a dank cheesy and jalapeno kick in every bite these Cheez-It's snapped on the level on flavour. *Contains wheat, milk, eggs and nuts

Chex Mix Bold Party - 3.75oz

Make your snack array as bold as your outfit and energy at the party with Chex Mix extra seasoning on their Legendary combination of corn and wheat chex, mini breadsticks,...